Planning is a very vast topic. But in brief let us summarize planning in hospitals in few steps, which are:-

    1. Project conceptualization- This is the preliminary stage where one is trying to visualize his/her hospital in terms of its ownership, philosophy, bed-mix, facility mix etc. This requires undertaking at a very least and basic but a comprehensive research of the physical, geographic surroundings of the proposed area. Most important this information can be obtained through the web, current and archive newspaper mentions, municipality, reports and then undertaking a short survey or holding focus group discussions. The basic idea is to understand the gaps in the medical market in that area and intending to fulfil them, unless of ensure, the owner is a doctor entrepreneur, who knows exactly what he wants.
    2. Feasibility analysis- When the project concept is understood, agreed on and locked in the next stage is to understand the viability the proposed hospital. This would mean undertaking a detailed working of at least the following:-
      1. Project cost- comprising of civil work, medical equipments, furniture and fixtures, professional fees, interest during construction, pre-operative expenses.
      2. Department wise assumptions of income, expenses, depreciation, schedule, loan repayment schedule etc.
      3. Profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow statements.
      4. Sensitivity analysis- This is the most important document generated for the project and helps the promoter to undertake or “ go or no go” decision. It also identifies the financial limitations of the proposed project and frequently helps the promoter to structure the means of financing the project.
    3. Hospital designs
    4. Project management- All tendering activities and quality.
    5. Commissioning the hospital- Ready to accept patients and start all operations. Recruitment, trial run of equipments, stationary, SOP’s for all department selecting and customizing hospital information system.